Daily Dinner Table

Ideas for dinner tonight. Household and kitchen tips, recipes, tweaks. What's worked great, and not so great.

A little background

I love cookbooks! When an upcoming event, dinner party, or even if I am planning the weeks menus, I peruse through them, decide what would go well together, something savory, something sweet, who likes (and dislikes) what…. it’s quite a production. I was chatting with my sister, and discussing the “difficulties” of menu planning. We both agreed that the planning is more challenging than the preparing! (But it’s also half of the fun!)

When I find recipes that I’d like to make, it’s very rare that I’ll stick to it. I try, but there is always something that I change. That’s the fun of cooking, making every dish your own. I use recipes as a guideline. Often, I change it up so much, that there is no resemblance to the original recipe. Most of the time when I’m adding ingredients, I’ll just throw in what looks like the right amount.( So, in this blog, when I write in a recipe a range of measurement, say 1-1/2, that’s my best guesstimate of what I’ve used.) Most of the time this is great, other times, I should have stuck to the recipe! When it turns out great, I wish I had paid more thought to what I did. Which is why I now jot down what I added, cross out what I didn’t and write approximate amounts that I used. This is all fine for cooking…. Baking, on the other hand, measurements are important to stick to. Baking is more scientific and you’ll really need measure certain ingredients carefully, always level the dry ingredients. I hope you enjoy these recipes. I’d love to hear about yours too. Remember, this is a guide. Use what’s fresh, what you have, what you have a hankering for. Oh, and all food goes best with a beautiful sunset, someone to share it with (even if it’s your dog… within reason of course!), and a glass of wine. Enjoy!


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