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Growing, growing….


Here we grow! ( hopefully) a green thumb is something I certainly have NOT been blessed with. BUT, my son is amazing, soooo, it’s his experiment. We are growing avocados! Today is the first day, and we will try hard and post any progress. If anyone has tips, I’m welcoming any and all ideas. Thanks! Wish us luck for guacamole soon!

We’ve expanded our garden! I need to take photos, but we now are growing sweet potatoes, sweet red pepper, strawberries, collards, (something comes and eats the leaves every night. Hmmmmm) mint, chives, 3 types of basil, cilantro, lemon balm, fennel, & eggplant. I’d love to grow tomatoes, but I HATE the huge caterpillars that seem inevitable with them. If anyone has info that can rid or prevent the huge monsters, please let me know. Ugh!


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