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Minute microwave breakfast muffin


I got this basic recipe from the Dr. Oz show. I’ve tweaked it, and you can too! There are SO many ways to make this for an endless variety of healthy quick breakfasts and even turn it into kind of a cupcake. All in 60 seconds! I like to keep several batches on hand by pre mixing all the dry ingredients in a ziplock baggies and just add the egg and oil when ready to mix it up.
1/4 c ground flax ( or 1/8 c flax, & 1/8 c your favorite cereal)
2t cinnamon ( favorite blend of spices)
1T chia seeds ( or not)
1t coconut oil (canola, vegetable)
1t baking powder
Sweetener if desired, either a t of sugar, Splenda, honey or more, depending on your taste. I usually don’t use any.. Chocolate chips can be used for cupcake version
1 egg
Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe coffee mug. Place in microwave for 55-60 seconds. Turn mug upside down to release muffin. Butter or marmalade if desired. Breakfast on the go!
You can add dried fruit, a half of a smashed banana & nuts also for more varieties, even fresh berries. The berries give it an off color though, but if you don’t mind the color, it tastes good. You’ll have to cook it for a minute and a half if you add the banana. This morning, mine had 1T of honey, a heaping tablespoon of greek yogurt, and half of a smashed banana along with the main ingredients. It was the best ever! Have fun experimenting!



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