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Chutney Cheese Ball

These get eaten up right away, and the request for this recipe soon follows.  Super simple, a great thing to whip together quickly if company drops in, or if you want to bring a little something to a party.


You’ll need

1 brick of Philadelphia cream cheese slightly softened

about 1/2 bottle of Major Grey’s Chutney

about a cup to cup and a half of  somewhat roughly chopped walnuts

garnish… a cherry, basil leaves, parsley, whatever you have on hand that’s pretty… pansies!

I use my hands, but it’s messy. You may want to use a bowl and strong spoon.

Put cream cheese in bowl, add the chutney. Mix well. Don’t use a blender or whisk, it will change the texture of the cheese too much and it won’t form a ball well. Form the well blended mixture into a ball. Place the chopped walnuts on a sheet of waxed paper. Firmly press cheese ball into the walnuts, continuing to rotate ball to be evenly covered with nuts and retain round shape.

mixing and shaping is a messy job!

Place on plate, refrigerate about 30 minutes to firm up. Garnish and serve with crackers. Ritz crackers are my favorite for this cheese ball.


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