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Party Peacock


Here is a great centerpiece you can eat too! My sisters an I made this for my niece’s wedding reception last fall. Maddie (Step-Mom of the bride) saw an idea for it in a magazine & Kathy, Eileen & I did the deed while she was busy tending to other needs. We changed some of the items that were in the photo to thread easier on the skewers ( a potentially hazardous job!) and also used what would be more colorful & in season.
The main parts are obviously the pineapple cut in half for the body, and a squash works great for the head & neck. Attach the neck to the body with a toothpick inserted into the pineapple, leaving enough out to firmly attach the squash neck. Choose one with a great curve!
Get wooden skewers for threading sliced pineapple, kiwi, strawberries cherry tomatoes, & grapes. Really, be very careful with those skewers, we got stabbed several times while pushing through some of the tougher fruits & veggies. Might be why we were drawn more towards softer items. Make sure when you cut up the fruit, that you slice it thick enough so the skewer has enough fruit surrounding it to hold it securely. Make an odd number of “feathers”, placing one in the center, then horizontally on each end, working your way upward back to the center feather. This will ensure the best uniformity. We sat the peacock on a platform on top of a very large baking sheet for a base. Use something very sturdy like plywood if you don’t have a baking sheet large enough. Cover the base & platform with foil and fill with beautiful leafy greens, red leaf lettuce, melon balls, bunches of grapes, & the remaining fruit & berries. A nice Greek yogurt & honey dip goes great with this. It’s beautiful, & really festive. It’s easy & fun if you have your sisters or some friends help out. Especially the slicing!


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