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Spaghetti Limone


My very talented & beautiful daughter in law made this for dinner tonight and it was spectacular! Very light, fresh, & so flavorful. It has endless possibilities to tweak for whatever you happen to be craving at the moment. I added some fresh basil and some fresh chopped lemon balm. It really is simple & very delicious.
You’ll need
Spaghetti (Barilla makes a good one that has omega 3 added)
About 2-3T cold butter per serving
1/2 lemon & it’s juice per serving
Shredded parmesano reggiano, or Parmesan , Romano.
Cook pasta in salted boiling water for 10 minutes or al dente.
Reserve a couple of cups of the pasta water in a heatproof cup, drain the pasta and return the pasta to the hot pan. Squeeze lemon halves through a sieve, letting the juice pour into the pasta. Drop the lemon halves into the pot along with the pasta. Add the cold butter, in chunks, 2-3 T per serving of pasta. Stir, stir, stir continuously until butter is melted, and lemon juice & any added water have emulsified. Make sure you add enough pasta water to make a nice sauce consistency. Plate in bowls and shake the shredded cheese atop. Definately try it this way first, then experiment with adding shrimp or other herbs, spices, red pepper etc. it’s a great quick fresh lovely dinner. Thank you Tana for teaching me this one, I’ll make it a lot. We’ll try it next time with home made pasta.


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