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Ginger Martini

Man O Man, this IS good!  My niece, Suzanne, first told me about this wildly refreshing martini. I could never find the ginger juice called for in the recipe,  (we live in a pretty small town) so I make it myself with my handy dandy Jack La Lanne juicer.  You really only need a little bit. I’ll give you the recipe for one generous or two small martinis, and you can adjust for a whole shaker full.

You’ll need

1 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. triple sec

3 oz. vodka

1 oz. Rose’s lime juice (or lime juice with some simple syrup added)

1/4-1/2 oz. Ginger juice… original recipe calls for 1 oz. but I don’t think it was freshly juiced ginger. It gets SPICY and really hot. We have found that a smaller amount does well. I like it better with a little more ginger juice, but my hubby is a milder kind of guy. Add a little at first and you can always add more.

Mix all ingredients in a martini shaker, add ice… shake it up baby and strain into frozen martini glasses that have been rimmed with lime juice and a touch of sugar, or the apple cinnamon sugar for martinis is pretty good too. I’d bet a thin slice of lemon or some basil would be pretty good too. If you try any of these or have other ideas, put them in a comment! I’d love to hear new ideas.  This is a perfect drink to sit out on the deck and sip watching the summer sunset. Enjoy!

perfect setting for a ginger martini



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