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Lemon Basil Jasmine Rice

I wanted to make rice. I didn’t, however want just rice.  I was making a lemony chicken and wanted to compliment the chicken, but add a little pizzazz to the rice without it being overpowering. I wanted something lemony but not too lemony, and thought a touch of basil would work well with it. (I’m sure happy my family doesn’t mind being guinea pigs!)  I think it turned out quite well. I was actually a bit surprised at how much I liked it. The family enjoyed it also.

Here’s what you’ll need for 6,  1/2 c servings: again, all measurements are approximate.

1 1/2 c Jasmine rice

1 1/2 c chicken or vegetable broth/stock

1 1/4 c water

1/4 c lemon large chop

cut the lemons to about this size. About the size of the tip of your pinky finger.

1-2 T butter

1/8 c roughly chopped fresh basil

squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Bring water and broth to boil in medium pot. Add rice, stir to mix, reduce heat to low, and cover. In small sauce pan, melt butter. Add chopped lemon, the squeeze of lemon juice, and saute over medium heat. Stir occasionally. When rice is done, add butter & lemon mixture to the rice, add the basil, fluff with a fork. Either serve like it is, or fill a ramekin placing some of the lemon pieces in first. Fill with rice mixture and pat down. Turn ramekin over onto plate, and a voila! A nicely formed rice cake with a pretty lemon on top!  Garnish with a small fresh basil leaf.


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