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Steak, perfected

Every now and then you just need a good, thick, steak. I like to go to Sam’s Club and buy a whole beef tenderloin, bring it home and cut it into nice thick filets. I have a “food saver” machine that can vacuum pack and I’ll label and freeze the remaining steaks, and use the end pieces for stew meat. I like tenderloin, aka filet mignon, because it’s dependable! It’s always tender, always juicy, without the gristle and nasty stuff that I seem to have a great flair for choosing with other cuts of meat. (half-joking here, but I do love tenderloin)

This guide for cooking steak will work for all types, but it’s best with tenderloin. This is for about a 1 1/2″- 2″ thick steak.  I’ve used this method with other cuts, and I adjust the oven baking time for thinner steaks. There are mixed opinions regarding bringing the meat to room temperature prior to cooking, and cooking while cold. As for bringing to room temperature, some say it invites bacteria to invade the meat. I’ve heard that 2 hours is the maximum time to  not have your food refrigerated or kept at the proper heat temperature to avoid contamination. The time to let the meat get to room temperature is about 30 minutes. The reasoning behind this is that (supposedly) cold meat will tighten up when it hits the hot surface of a pan or grill and become tough. I don’t know for sure what happens. I generally let it sit out a few minutes, maybe 20 while I’m preparing everything to be ready to cook. So, I’d say go with whatever you’re comfortable with, but I DO suggest not to leave the meat sitting out longer than 30 minutes or so. I prefer to err on the side of safety.

For each serving you’ll need:

1    1 1/2″ steak

olive oil

salt and pepper (there is a seasoning called McCormick steak house seasoning, or something similar that’s really good!)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Preheat  heavy pan that is oven safe on top of stove over medium high heat.

lightly oil steak on both sides

put seasoning on both sides. If using the McCormick, coat heavily to form a crust

place steak in hot pan, cook for 5 minutes

Turn steak over with spatula or tongs. Do not use a fork or knife, it will poke the steak and allow the juices out.

Place pan with turned steak in hot oven.

For rare, cook an additional 5 minutes

medium rare, cook 7 minutes

medium, cook 9 additional minutes

medium well, 11 minutes.

Take out of oven, let rest for 5 minutes to allow the juices to reabsorb into meat and not drain as soon as you cut into it.

Enjoy your delicious steak.

A good steak hits the spot!

Just about everything under the sun goes well with a nice juicy steak, but garlic mashed potatoes are a favorite of mine.



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