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The best thing since sliced bread

This little ditty has to be one of my most valued kitchen items. We were “Ivanized”, meaning we lost just about everything we had including most of our home in Hurricane Ivan several years ago. Most of the kitchen gadgets I had were lost in the hurricane, and when I go looking for one that I only use occasionally, after searching high and low to no avail, I declare it “Ivanized”. I try to make a mental note to replace it, but it slips my mind, and I go through the same routine a year or two later. HOWEVER, this hasn’t happened with my Silpats. These were replaced immediately! Do not be fooled by imposter silicone sheets. I don’t know why, or how they do it, but after trying several other brands of silicone sheets, they have never lived up to a Silpat. These are remarkable non stick reinforced silicone baking sheets that repel food from sticking. I’ve made my mother’s sticky bun recipe- THE stickiest buns on the face of the Earth on these babies, and they slid right off like nobody’s business. One word, AMAZING. Well worth the money. They last forever if taken care of properly. You’ll never have to grease a pan again. Here’s where you can find them if you’re interested. Silpat http://www.demarleusa.com

The best kitchen item since sliced bread.


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