Daily Dinner Table

Spinach & Rice Salad


A favorite old standby of mine. This goes with just about everything, and it’s a great “base” to use as a main dish if you’d like also. Just add some grilled shrimp, chicken, beef, even tofu. Of course, you don’t have to grill the meats, but it’s summer, and what the heck. If you’re grilling, make a little extra to throw into the salad for the next day.

You’ll need;

1 box Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice

1/2 each of red, yellow, and green bell pepper, diced

small bunch of scallions (green onions) chopped

1 c toasted sliced almonds lightly salted

4 T olive oil

2 -3 T balsamic vinegar

1 T minced garlic

1 t dry mustard (If you don’t have it,  1 t stone ground or dijon works just fine)

pinch of sugar

salt & pepper to taste

6-8 oz. bag (I sometimes use more) of washed  fresh spinach, torn into pieces. Baby spinach is good too, but you’ll still have to break it up a little bit.

Prepare rice according to directions, but don’t use butter or oil that’s called for. Cool in refrigerator, or freezer to cool faster. Don’t forget it’s there!

While rice is cooling, mix the vegetables together. Add the liquids, sugar and spices. Mix all together. Add cooled rice. Mix well. Serve.  If you choose to add a protein, place pieces either on top of individual servings, or mix together. You’re choice.  Garnish with parsley, a basil leaf, a pretty flower, or some of the red pepper.

Summer calls for a great salad. Add shrimp, chicken, beef or tofu for a main dish