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On the go Breakfast Sandwich

I read an article from WebMd this morning that I thought was such a great idea! It was an on the go breakfast sandwich. I’m ALWAYS on the go, and like new ideas. I love the Microwave Muffin that I learned from Dr. Oz, that I have already posted. But sometimes you just want a little variety when speed is of utmost importance, and still maintain good nutrition. The WebMd sandwich idea was to get a whole wheat hot dog bun, spread some peanut butter, and pop in a banana. I think this is great, especially for the kiddos as you’re sending them out the door. I wanted to make one this morning, but alas, I can’t recall the last time I’ve had a hot dog bun in the house. Oops! out of bananas too. Hmmm. So, here’s my alteration. I used an Arnold Brand Multi-Grain Sandwich Thin, spread a little Smuckers all natural peanut butter on it. I then sliced some apple, like I slice a tomato,  into about 1/4 ” slices. Sprinkle some ground flax seed on the peanut butter, then a little chia seed, place the apple slices on top, and if you’re feeling really adventuresome, a dollop of all fruit spread on top. I think a dollop of greek yogurt would be good too. I’ll have to try that. Wrap it up in a paper towel holder, and off you go!  Yes, it’s not as fun as the hot dog bun, but it works in a pinch. This sandwich has plenty of protein to keep you satisfied  for hours, whole grain goodness, fruit, Omega 3, that’s just the beginning! If  I do get the buns, and use the banana I’ll still add the flax seed. Bananas and flax are delicious.  Oh! and honey! Try them  both with some honey. I wish I thought of that sooner.  Tomorrow is another day.

On the Go Breakfast Sandwich


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