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Peach Apple Pie

While driving around town about a week or so ago, my son Alexander, daughter-in-law Tana, and I saw this fabulous road-side stand with gorgeous  fresh peaches, watermelon, & honey. We just had to stop to get a closer look. The fruit was so fresh  and ripe, you could smell the aroma several feet away. It was heavenly! We bought a big basket of peaches, and a watermelon. While eating the juiciest  peaches we’ve ever had in our lives, dripping the sweet juice all over our laps, we were discussing what to do with all of these peaches.   We decided there’s not anything much better than a nice fresh juicy peach pie with homemade ice cream. The idea was to have peach pie, AND peach  ice cream too, but we ate so many peaches, we ended up not even having enough for the pie! We DID have some apples though, and decided to throw in enough apples to fill up the difference. Plain old home-made vanilla ice cream fit the bill just perfectly!  My daughter -in-law, Tana, had never made a pie before, so this pie, with a tiny bit of guidance, was her first masterpiece! It was absolutely delicious. Great job Tana! We sped up the process and cheated a little by not making our own crust. I already  had some Pillsbury ready made crust in the fridge.  Pillsbury has a remarkably good refrigerated pie crust, so if you’re in a pinch, or just don’t feel like the mess of making a crust, go ahead and use them. They’re great! We’ll make our own crust soon.

Here’s what we did. Remember, the measurements are pretty much all approximate, have fun, adjust to your liking.

You’ll need;

9″ pie pan

Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts (there are 2 crusts in each box, you’ll need one box)

4 cups peeled, pitted, and sliced fresh peaches. Place in bowl. Let sit while preparing the rest of the ingredients, and drain excess juice into a cup. Reserve juice.

2-3 c peeled, cored, and sliced apples. Due to the juiciness of the peaches, Granny Smiths will work best for this.

1 c sugar

almost 1 T ground cinnamon

1/4 t nutmeg

pinch ground clove

pinch ground ginger

1 T lemon zest

2 T but up to 1/4 c flour depending on juiciness of fruit

1-2 T butter cut into several pieces. For the top of the pie prior to putting top crust on

1 egg white mixed with a tiny bit of water for a wash for the top crust

Pre-heat oven 375 degrees

Roll out one piece of  pie crust  to the correct size to fit your pie plate with about 1/2 inch overlap, and place in pie pan.

In mixing bowl, mix sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, zest and 2 T flour. Mix. Taste a smidgen.  If it’s to your liking, set aside. If you want to adjust the flavor, sweeter… add a bit of sugar, more cinnamon…etc. Perfect it to suit your taste.

In large mixing bowl, place drained peaches and apples. Mix together. If there is still a lot of juice, drain some more.  Add enough of the sugar mixture to coat the fruit fairly heavily. You may not need all of it. If it’s a bit dry (doubtful, but you never know) add a little bit, about 1 T of the reserved juice. Pour the fruit and sugar mixture into the pie crust.  Place dabs of butter on the top of fruit. Roll out the remaining pie crust to cover the top of the pie, and have about a 1/2″ over hang or so. Fold top overhang around bottom overhand and squeeze to seal. Flute edges either with your finger & knuckle or with a fork.

Ready for the oven!

Cut some decorative vent holes with a sharp knife or fork tines. Brush egg white wash on top of crust, sprinkle with a little sugar. Cover edge of crust with foil. Bake for about 25 minutes. Remove foil, bake another 20 minutes or until crust is golden and juices are bubbling.

Ta Da! Tana’s first pie!

Serve either alone, or with ice cream. What started as a delectable peach pie, is made that much better with the crisp tartness of the granny smiths. A great combo! Always remember, necessity is the mother of invention, and this is a goodie!

Peach Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream and basil



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