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Got smelly hands? This tip will help!

If you’ve been chopping onions, garlic, or even messing with something fishy, it can be really difficult to get those… ahem… lovely smells off of your hands. You’ve tried, soaking it out, scrubbing it out, all to no avail. Ta da! Stainless steel to the rescue! While washing your hands with regular dish soap, (or whatever kind of soap you use) rub your hands on stainless steel. I used to use a big chef’s knife, but that can be a little dangerous. I’ve recently switched to rubbing my soapy hands over an inverted stainless mixing bowl, then just rinse off with water. You get more surface area  than a knife, it’s not sharp, and works like a charm. Now you don’t have to worry about smelly hands any more.

wash your hands while rubbing on an inverted stainless bowl. No more smell!


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