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It IS easy being green

Breakfast on the run! I had to get to a tennis lesson early this morning, and wanted something substantial and energizing,  but I’m still trying out Veganism. (is that even a word?) Living in Florida… Oh man, it’s hot, hot, hot, lately. Humid too. So, something nutritious, but also light was in order.  I was hankering for a smoothie. So a smoothie it was. Here’s my morning concoction. In my blender, I put:

frozen strawberries

frozen mango chunks

a ripe banana

2 T ground flax seed

about 1- 1 1/2 c  So Delicious Unsweetened Almond Milk

about a cup of fresh spinach…. yes, spinach!

Let frozen fruit defrost for a few minutes, place all in strong blender and pulse until all ingredients are smooth and blended. Sip with a straw and enjoy the nutrition!   It IS easy being green, but not necessarily very pretty!

You can’t always judge a smoothie by it’s color. Not quite pretty, but very tasty!


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