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“Love Awaits” Cake


A fun cake to make!


My friends Terry and Steve are getting married! Terry is one of my Netchix. (Only the most fun tennis team in the world!) We threw her a little surprise wedding shower last Sunday and couldn’t find a suitable cake. So, I made one. This is my first attempt at decorating a cake like this, and I’m pretty tickled with it. It was a little bit tricky, especially the marzipan. (Poor “Steve’s head kept stretching into that silent screamer guy!) It was fun trying different types of heads! Hey, if I can do it, anyone can. Give it a go.

My friend Huntley, found a cake that we thought would be hilarious, but nobody would make it…. (google “sexy cake”) but this one fit the bill a little bit better for me. Especially since I only had enough marzipan for one body. Whew!  Anyway, I made two devil’s food cakes, one in a large rectangular pan, and the other in a smaller rectangular pan. I cut the large one lengthwise in half and filled with raspberry Polaner all fruit. I cut the smaller cake in the shape of a headboard and set it aside. You can either make your cake from scratch, or just use a mix. I also made it easy on myself and bought the ready made fondant, and marzipan. I bought the fondant at Michael’s craft supply store, and the marzipan at my local Publix supermarket. I also highly recommend purchasing a fondant smoother, also available at Michael’s.  I’ll be describing how I put this together.

You’ll need:

2 cakes, one a large rectangle, the other in a smaller pan. You could also use a round cake for a round bed. In this case, you won’t need a headboard.

1 can buttercream frosting, or home made if you prefer.

3 boxes fondant. 2 white, one pink.

1 tube marzipan

1 jar Polaner  raspberry flavored all fruit spread

fondant smoother

food coloring markers


Bake cakes according to directions, or you can purchase one of your choice with just a slight layer of buttercream frosting.

Let the cakes cool. Place cake on sturdy surface that you will be serving it on.  Slice cake into 2 layers. I like to use dental floss to do this. Get a large piece of dental floss, wrap each end around the fingers on each hand,  place  length of floss on narrower edge of cake the furthest side from you, and gently “saw” into the edges of the cake. Now, smoothly and evenly draw the floss through the cake toward your body, until you have cut all the way through the cake and have made 2 layers.  Gently remove top layer and set aside.  Spread filling on bottom layer, and then carefully replace the top layer back on the bottom layer of cake.  Smooth buttercream frosting on top and sides of filled cake. This is to make the surface smooth, sort of like spackle, to prepare the cake for the fondant. The fondant will show any imperfections in the surface of the cake, so you want to get it pretty smooth. Cut smaller cake to the size and shape of headboard you’d like and set aside.  You will need to leave the cake uncovered  for several hours  or overnight so the frosting gets a little bit hard. I made the mistake of lightly covering it with plastic overnight. Ugh. It was soft as a baby’s bottom I had to use a blow dryer on cold for quite some time to get the buttercream dried out enough to put the fondant on.

Take some toothpicks, and gently push them about 1/3rd the way into the short edge of  each layer of the cake (where you will place the headboard). Take the headboard and slide onto the toothpicks. These toothpicks are the nails that  hold it together. You’re now ready for the fondant.

Follow directions on the box to prepare the fondant. (knead and roll to proper size. Measure the length of the cake, add the height of the sides, then do the same for the width.) for example, if you have a cake that is 9 x 13 x 2 you will have to roll the fondant to be 15×19. 9 inches wide, plus 2 inches high x 2 sides, plus 1 extra inch for each side=15 inches. inches. Then the same for the other side, 13 inches long, plus 2 inches each side, plus 1 extra inch each side=19 inches. Drape the rolled fondant over the rolling pin, and place carefully on the buttercream topped cake so that there is about an inch extra on each side. Smooth the fondant with the smoothing tool on the top and sides. Using a pizza cutter, carefully trim the edges.

fondant on the main part of the bed, with a little raising up onto the headboard.

Now do the same for the second piece of fondant. Drape over the headboard, and smooth.

fondant covering the headboard

Make some pillows out of left over fondant pieces. Decorate with food coloring pens and place on the bed.


Now your ready for your little man. Take the marzipan and break of a bit to make a head.

head, neck, torso, arms. Use a little drip of water on your fingertip to adhere and smooth parts together. Use a toothpick to sculpt features.

Place aside. Now a neck. Take a larger piece and make a toso, then arms. Legs with feet attached.

feet and legs are one piece

Use a toothpick to sculpt any features you’d like, and the drawing pens for color. You can take small pieces of the marzipan to make hair or just use the pen. Place the man on the bed, propped up with the pillows.

Propped up!

Now for the blanket. Roll out the fondant to a large rectangle, saving some for the bow and any extra fun stuff you’d like to add. (scarf, handcuffs, or whatever, maybe a flower)

Drape the blanket over the man, extending it over the bed and to the floor.  Now make the bow. Cut strips and form into a bow. If you need it to stick a little better, just use a drip of water on your finger to help it adhere better.

The hardest part of this was transporting it to the party. It held together well, I did put a cutting board behind the headboard as a wall, just in case the car ride got rough. All went well though. I hope you have fun making your cake!  I sure did.

Ta da! Now just write a message on the pillow


5 comments on ““Love Awaits” Cake

  1. Francesco
    July 19, 2013

    I don’t have a tutorial up on this cake but I balicalsy carved a book shape and covered it in ivory fondant. Then decorated as you see. I do sell cakes, you can email me for more info: .

  2. gpoe5610
    July 24, 2012

    Wow Nice job!

  3. gpoe5610
    July 24, 2012

    Wow! Nice job!

  4. barbaralandfair
    July 20, 2012

    Thank you! It was fun to make.

  5. mydearbakes
    July 20, 2012

    This is such a wonderful bake! I simply adore the design! =)

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