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Mirin Sunflower Veggie Medley with Sweet Potato Slices

Oh, so much is happening, and my concentration on food is somewhat scattered. I guess that’s most peoples’ situation these days. I’ve been eating vegan (except for about a tablespoon of skim milk in my one cup of coffee in the morning) since the beginning of the month. I thought it would only be for a few days, but somehow it’s feeling like that’s how I’m supposed to eat. Especially since reading the book Eat to Live.  I’ve also (so far, except for a bite of the shower cake I made the other day) cut out all refined carbohydrates, most oils and  added sugars. I haven’t gone to the grocery store, due to the fact that that I’m so busy with our dog who isn’t well, and just deciding to downsize and sell our home. I’m trying to get my ducks in a row. If anyone knows of anyone wanting a beautiful waterfront home in a nice private very affordable area in the Florida panhandle, let me know! The view itself is priceless. As for my meals lately, especially when my husband is traveling, well, I just conjure up something as I get hungry. I usually meal plan a week in advance. Not lately!  It’ll happen again. I’ll get pretty creative soon! As for now, I’m trying to combine what I have in the fridge already in various ways that still is tasty, and nutritious. Sometimes speed is the main ingredient necessary. Tonight, I had a medley of vegetables, sauteed in a very small smidgen of  olive oil with some seasoned mirin and sunflower seeds. It was surprisingly tasty. I’ll make this again when hubby gets home. Boy, is HE in for a surprise for dinners now. Hhhahhaha!

To make 2 large servings, you’ll need;(hmmm, have you noticed I like LARGE servings?!)

one half of each a red, yellow, orange bell pepper sliced in strips

2-3 cups collard greens

1/4-1/2 package mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

1/4 lb asparagus, cleaned and cut into thirds

1/4 c sunflower seeds

1/4 c onion, roughly chopped

1 T minced garlic (or more!)

large splash Seasoned rice vinegar

1/4 – 1/2 c vegetable stock (broth is fine, I just like the richer flavor of stock)

1/4-1/2 c Mirin (hmm, just checked the label on that. So much for no added sugar.)

1  cooked sweet potato, either microwaved or roasted and sliced.

To speed up this dish, you can use 2 pans. One to get the collard greens going, and the other for the veggies. I used one pan, but the collards take a bit of time and you want the veggies to get a little caramalization going.

For the Collard Greens.

Heat pan, add a little of the vegetable stock, add collard greens. Cover and let soften. Add more stock as needed.

In another pan,

Spray a tad of Pam. Over medium heat, add onion and garlic. Cook till onions sweat. Add the asparagus. Let cook a bit. Add  a splash of seasoned rice vinegar. You always want to add the “hardest” vegetables first, so they have a little longer to cook. When the asparagus is getting  a little bit fork tender, add the peppers. Cook slowly so the vegetables get a little brown. That adds a nice flavor, similar to roasting. Add the sunflower seeds, so they have a bit of time to toast.  Lastly add the mushrooms, and Mirin. Stir to mix, cover. The moisture from the cover will help to soften the vegetables and keeps flavors in. When the collard greens are just about done, put them all together, and let the flavors blend. Add more Mirin and  spices as necessary, Mrs. Dash, salt, pepper, what ever you like.

Mirin Sunflower Veggie Medley

Serve on a plate with sliced sweet potatoes on the side. 







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