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Multi-National Salad

You may be wondering… Multi-National? Well, it’s got some southwest with the black beans, Cat 5  & avocado, some Greek with the Kalamata olives, and I couldn’t come up with a better name at the moment!  I’ll happily take suggestions. Here’s a salad packed with flavor that has lots of tasty surprises as you’re eating it. I made a new little discovery also.  The “juice” that’s in the can of black beans makes a great salad dressing!  Just spoon over the top as you would a dressing. Flavorful and no added anything!

I don’t really have measurements, I  just got a plate and added the items as I went along. Use your desired amounts.

You’ll need;

Spring Mix greens


a handful of walnuts

1T ground flax seed

1 roma tomato sliced/quartered

chopped onion

chopped Kalamata olives

canned no additive black beans and the “juice” I used Goya

1 carrot,  peeled and chopped (save some to julienne for the edges of the plate)

1/4 of a zucchini, sliced & quartered

1/2 of an avocado sliced

Mixture of chopped basil, cilantro, parsley

Cat 5 seasoning

Tasty surprises abound in this salad.

On a plate, start with the greens. Add desired items in desired amounts. Top with a  spoonful or two of the bean liquid. Sprinkle with herb mixture, and Cat 5 if desired. Place carrot spears in corners of plate, Enjoy!




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