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Cucumber Basil Martini

There are not many things more refreshing than this beverage! It’s actually more like a cucumber gazpacho with a kick. The addition of basil and touch of ginger set it off perfectly. Give it a go on the next dog day of summer. It’ll cool your puppies!

For each martini you’ll need:

1 T Rose’s Lime Juice

1 T sugar dissolved in 1 T of hot water

3 inches or so of a peeled diced cucumber, seeded  also if you want to take the time and effort, but I didn’t. Keep one slice reserved for a garnish.

3 leaves of basil, 2 torn and 1 reserved for garnish.

1 t freshly grated ginger, or you can use 1 t of the bottled grated ginger for ease.

3 oz. Vodka or gin, whichever your preference.

Martini shaker


I used an immersion blending stick to puree the ingredients,  but you can muddle,  use a blender, or a food processor, whichever you have and want to use.

These directions are for the stick type blender, so adjust accordingly for how you’d like to puree’ the cucumber.

In a martini shaker, place diced cucumber, torn basil, ginger, sugar water mixture and lime juice. Puree until smooth. Add vodka or gin, and ice. Shake to blend and get very cold. Strain into cold martini glass with slice of cucumber and basil leaf on edge. Enjoy while watching a beautiful sunset! 


One comment on “Cucumber Basil Martini

  1. LB
    January 15, 2013

    I am a basil addict and can not wait to try this!

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