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I grew sweet potatoes!!!

I’m amazed I grew something! Remember a while back when I planted those scraggly little plants? Well, I didn’t expect much really, since my brown thumb is in full force. I was especially skeptical because the potatoes grow UNDER ground. Come on. Do  you really think I’m sticking my hands in thick vines and going to dig to find a tuber? I’m not a bug, worm, snake or spider person, and we all know, all of those creatures thrive in that sort of environment.  Yes, I’m a wimp. Yes, I know.. what business do I have growing a garden if I can’t reap what I sow?! Team work is what I say, Teamwork! This is where my magnificent husband comes in!  My sweet husband dug and found these golden gems. I was so thrilled to see so many and so big! For the first dish, I made some baked sweet potato wedges and they were delicious! I’m excited to see what’s next.

My haul. The green peppers are tasty, but these didn’t get so big.

To make the wedges, you’ll  need to  is preheat your oven to 45o.  Slice a sweet potato into lengthwise wedges, and toss with a sprinkling of olive oil, (herb infused is even better) and sprinkle with Kosher or sea salt. Roast until golden and tender probably about 20 minutes. So delicious, especially from your own garden!

Trust me on this one, If I can grow a sweet potato, ANYONE can!


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