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Lemon Honey Whipped Cream

I made some key lime pie the other day, was busy preparing dinner for company & asked my son, Xander, if he’d whip up some cream for the pie topping. He’s a very good cook, creative, imaginative, has amazing taste buds. It’s fun to play ” what’s in this recipe” with him. I’ll give him a bite of something, and he will tell me every little ingredient in it. I only stumped him once with cardamom. But not really. He took a bite, said ” I’ve tasted this before in Tanzania”, but didn’t know the name. I gave him several spices to taste, including the secret ingredient. Needless to say- he nailed it! Go Xan!
Anyway, he didn’t want to just whip up some cream. He wanted more flavor than that. His idea was to add some fresh lemon zest, & a touch of raw, organic honey. It was out of this world good. Not only was it perfect on the pie, but it’s great in coffee, with fruit, on ice cream. I’m sure it’s delicious anywhere you’d use whipped cream. It has a very delicate citrus flavor with a touch of sweetness. Try it, I’m certain you’ll be pleased. This group sure was!
For about 2 cups whipped cream you’ll need;
1-1 1/2 c heavy cream
Zest of almost 2 lemons
2 T raw honey, microwaved 8 seconds to liquify

Whip cream until stiff peaks form- ( careful here or you’ve got some delicious butter)
Gently fold in lemon zest & liquified honey.




2 comments on “Lemon Honey Whipped Cream

  1. LB
    June 18, 2013

    Anything with lemon is a hit with me!!

  2. Wow, this looks fantastic. I definitely approve of your son’s idea to add the honey and lemon zest. Two of some of my favourite things 🙂

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