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Maldon Salt

I LOVE Maldon Salt. It feels SO extravagant, luxurious, special and decadent. I was recently on a short family vacation at an Airbnb in the Catskills with our kids & their families. Our kids live in Brooklyn, so they drove and we flew. We all love to cook, wanting to participate in the family meals, so we all brought some basics, (especially spices) and purchased all fresh items from the local grocers. I brought a suitcase full of staples. One staple I did not bring was Maldon Salt. I have NEVER purchased Maldon Salt. I knew what it was, but didn’t know the name other than “flaked” salt. I couldn’t find it. My son and his partner, a very successful commercial food photographer, and I might add, a fabulous cook, brought the salt!

It’s a finishing salt. Not one you cook with, but what a finish it makes. Big, flaky, crunchy, oh soooo good!

I could describe the qualities, but I think Wiki does it better than I ever could. So, here is the link to wikipedia with the history and story of this gem.

Bonus, my son sent me the salt! Such a sweetheart. Thank you again David!

I hope you give it a go, what a difference it makes. Delicious!


Such a great gift!

just a pinch to finish
showing all sides of the package

A special salt deserves a special container. Makes it even more fun and special if that’s possible!


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